Buying web hosting services

What is Web Hosting?

Buying web hosting services in Zimbabwe is a simple process. Web hosting is basically that service which enables you to have your own online space on the internet. If you have ever wondered how companies have email addresses which say, this is what web hosting and domain registration is all about. Web hosting is basically a service which provides the container for your domain to work. To buy web hosting you need to go through a web hosting service provider who will then create an account for you on their servers to host your domain. Different web hosting companies sell their products in different ways.

Web Hosting companies operate differently

Web Hosting companies operate differently. Make sure you get the best deal! There are some companies which allow you to buy services online which is usually easy and convenient. You simply log in select the package you want and buy it and pay for it online. More traditional companies would require you to visit them and buy your hosting. To get web hosting, you need to have a domain for the company to actually host. If you do not have a domain you therefore need to first buy a domain. Most web hosting companies also offer domain registration services.

Domain registration

This is the process whereby you register your online identity like The domain is your unique identity which cannot be similar to anyone else’s. The first step is therefore to determine whether your chosen domain name is not being used by someone else already. Most domain registration companies offer a domain name checker. You can find one on the home page for Express Media Web Hosting Zimbabwe.

Domain Checker

Using the domain checker is a free service and you can simply check for the availability of a domain name and repeat the process until you get one which is available. In Zimbabwe you pay a fee to the registration company and your registration is valid for 12 months. That means every 12 months you will be required to pay to renew your domain. Domain registration is generally not expensive and you should expect to pay as little as $US3 a year at Express Media Web Hosting Zimbabwe. Once you have registered your domain it is configured on you host’s servers and you can start using it. You are not limited to a domain. You can still buy an international domain name such as .com from local companies.

Web Hosting Packages

Hosting companies typically offer different web hosting packages. In general, what determines the pricing of packages is the storage allocated and number of email accounts. For most SMEs the hosts’ entry level package is usually adequate. The good thing is if at any time you decide you need more storage or email accounts you can always upgrade to a higher package. I believe when you need the higher package you have attained a higher level of business and can pay more for the higher package.

Steps to getting web hosting in Zimbabwe

  1. Choose and purchase your web hosting
  2. Buy a domain (N.B. You can buy your domain from one company and hosting from a different one. You cannot buy a domain without web hosting
  3. Your domain should normally be ready for use within 24 hours

After getting a domain and web hosting how does that change my business?

  1. You can now start using professional email addresses like Tis gives your business more credibility.
  2. You can build a website to promote your business. If you cannot afford to pay a web developer yet you can create a one-page website by just entering your company details. Not all companies have this feature but Express Media Web Hosting has.
  3. You can set up free features like an online billing system, online accounting system etc. Not all companies offer this but Express Media Web Hosting does.

This is all you need to know about buying web hosting services in Zimbabwe. If you need assistance or further information contact our team for obligation free assistance.

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