Registering Zimbabwean domain names

Frequently Asked Questions for domain names

Is local company in Zimbabwe required?

No, it is not required to have a local company in Zimbabwe, in order to register a .CO.ZW domain name.


 Is local admin contact in Zimbabwe required?

No, a local administrative contact in Zimbabwe is not required in order to register .CO.ZW domain names.


Are trademarks usable in Zimbabwe?

NO Unfortunately, neither a trademark application or registration in Zimbabwe or elsewhere will give specific access to register .CO.ZW domains.


Is Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) available?

NO It is not possible to register IDN domain names with non-ASCII characters.


Are generic domains allowed for .CO.ZW?

N/A There are some restrictions on the type of domain names allowed in Zimbabwe. Please contact us beforehand, if you are planning to apply for a generic type .CO.ZW domain.


How much time does it take to register .CO.ZW domain name?

Usually, it takes 24 hours to register a .CO.ZW domain name in Zimbabwe. We will file the application as soon as possible. However, we cannot provide guarantees as we have no influence on the speed of the Zimbabwean domain authority once the application has been filed.


What is the minimum of characters allowed for .CO.ZW domains?

You are allowed to apply for .CO.ZW domain names with the minimum amount of one (1) character.


What is the maximum of characters allowed for .CO.ZW domains?

It is not possible to apply for domain names with more than 63 characters.


Can I register more than one Zimbabwean domain name?

YES, unlimited Applicants may register an unlimited amount of Zimbabwean .CO.ZW domain names.


Do I have to configure my DNS?

YES If you opt to use your own DNS, all specified name servers must be operative and respond authoritatively for the domain.


Are there other domain extensions related to Zimbabwe?

YES Yes, there are more Zimbabwean extensions available at Express Media Web Hosting. Currently you can also register for and

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