When you enter a search phrase into Google, it then analyses various signals from websites or ranking factors such as the relevancy of the site to the search item in order to compile a list of sites which match the search query.

Most people have the misconception that Google actually does a live search of the entire internet when a search query is typed in the search bar. On the contrary, what happens is that it searches a stored recorded of all the sites which Google has discovered to date. This record is called the Google Index. To come up with the index, Google crawls the web using “spiders” which are small programs. Each of the spiders performs the same task by starting on a single page and following the links which connect to the other pages and so on.

An index is built by storing the web content which is crawled on the servers at Google. The spiders crawl trillions of pages at an incredible pace constantly at a mind-blowing scale. This serves to ensure an index which is as up to date as possible and the quick discovery of new connections and new sites which are added.

IF A WEBSITE IS NOT INDEXED ON Google it will not appear in Google search, ever. Getting your website indexed by Google is therefore a mandatory requirement for SEO. If you need help to get your website on Google search contact us.