How web hosting functions

Put simply, web hosting functions when the files which constitute a website are uploaded to a webserver from a local computer. The web hosting company thus allocates resources to the websites which use it i.e. storage space, RAM and bandwidth.

The type of hosting which is chosen determines the manner in which server resources are allocated to the website. Differentiating between the plans is a necessary first step before you select the hosting plan that is appropriate for you. It is not complicated at all. Let me use an analogy to help those who are nontechnical. It is just like how you select your office space!

How do you make the decision as to what office space is suitable for you? does a workstation work for you maybe, or do you need an office which offers business centre access? Are you going to have a lot of traffic and do you see yourself growing fast in the near future? Do you want the whole building to yourself or are you prepared to share?

Aside from the style of office you use there are other considerations. How easy the rooms are to access, which functions they offer (extras such as a whiteboard, high-speed internet, and other facilities), and where are they located and the overall cost. These considerations will determine your needs and help decide which type of office is right for you. Let’s compare this selection process to deciding which web hosting fits.

Shared Hosting

This is like leasing space in an open plan office, co-working space or renting a workstation, except you do not even know whom you are sharing with. All the modern conveniences are at your disposal including internet connection, desk and chair, stationery, office accessories, printers and restroom. The option of shared hosting most suits smaller websites rather than commercial projects undertaken on a large scale.

Virtual Private Server

A step up from shared hosting, a virtual private server is most suitable for medium sized businesses. Just in the same way in which medium sized businesses can benefit from having their own office in a business park virtual private server gives them greater flexibility and more control of their resource’s. Whilst neighbors are there, the dependency on them is negligible and there is room to customize your workspace and organize it the way you want.

Dedicated Server

Having a dedicated server is likened to renting an entire office complex to yourself. It is a rather pricey option and is chosen by high value websites which attach importance to high performance and reliability. Because the entire space is under control there are many more configurations which are possible.

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